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ReturningHope Hair Restoration
Video Descriptions:

An animation of adult stem cell treatment for hair restoration. The patient own stem cells are used in the treatment. The stem cells will help the repair and rejuvenate existing hair.

Hair Restoration Package Pricing
Your total price for this package is $12,000 - $18,000 US dollars (vat excluded). This amount covers the complete procedure, including:
1. Pre-Qualification, including medical records review
2. Registration and Final Approval, including a visit with the doctor and treatment provider
3. Treatment, including:
  • * All hospital, operating room and administrative costs
  • * Treatments using your own fat stem cells injected directly into your scalp
  • * Fat stem cell isolation, purifying and activation
  • * Intravenous administration of your own fat stem cells

Your package does not include:

1. Overnight stay with treatment provider, if required
2. Travel expenses, including airfare and hotel, if required
3. Transportation to and from treatment provider

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